My Red Dress

DSC04448It truly turned out absolutely gorgeous.

It fits me perfect and the yarn is light and with the tweet in it gives this dress the right pizzaz.

The pattern is from the

 “FAM Fatto A Mano 197 spring collection 2013”

I was lucky to have been able to order the same yarn as it asks for in the pattern:

1090 yards, 250 grams 10 skeins =  1090.0 yards (996.7m) needle size 3.5mm is what I needed to knit this stunning and so simple dress for my self…
I so love how it looks on me …but I am sure you can see that too…
I did make some modifications to make it shorter than the original as I am shorter too.  Also did not have the front neck opening so deep as the original in the picture since I had to shorten the upper body too. And well yes I have hips so worked the bottom half in size medium and the top half in small…all worked out to the perfect size for me.
DSC04434Wirklich absolut traumhaft.
 Es passt perfekt, und das Garn ist leicht und mit dem tweet in dieser Wolle gibt es dem Kleid ein richtiger rassiger Look.
Das Muster ist aus der
“FAM Fatto A Mano 197 Frühjahrs-Kollektion 2013”
Ich hatte sogar das Glück, in der Lage zu sein, das gleiche Garn zu bestellen, wie in dem Muster :
Lang Yarns Seta Tweed
10 Stränge = 996.7m und mit Nadelstärke 3,5 mm ist,
Einfach Toll und ein so einfaches Kleid zum selber stricken …mir gefällte es sehr gut…smile
Mit nur wenigen Modifikationen, etwas kürzer als das Original, und der Hals Ausschnitt ist auch nicht so tief. Und da ich breiter bin in den Hüften arbeitete ich die untere Hälfte in der mittlerer Größe und der ober Teil in schmaller Grösse … alles klappte auf die perfekte Größe für mich

Author: Jacqueline

My "Passion To Create" in knitting, helping others with their projects is a joy in my life. Not a surprise, what goes with that is my love to take pictures and having fun with just the everyday kind of pictures and see what the results are. In my Blog I would love to show You some of my work and hope You too will enjoy my passion for knitting, Yarn, Photography and so much more. Love your feedback and thanks You all for following my posts. Hugs and Smiles always Jacqueline

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