Zephyr Shawl

Zehpyre Shawl 5…A very  light and airy open lacy looking triangular shawl.  With the yarn already having glitter and sequence spun into it a simple and easy knit for many of us.

I used 2 skeins of “Great Adirondack H.D. Sequin” about 150.0 yards (137.2m) in colour “Poppy” and  1 skein of “Great Adirondack Yarn Co Bamboo Silk” about  232.0 yards (212.1m) again in “Poppy” all is available in a kit. And all was knit on a 5mm needle too so you see it will not take you long to cast on and have it done too.

Zehpyre Shawl 4The Pattern with Yarn is available at “The Yarn Store.ca” in many other colours…..so if You like to knit this one send us a e-mail





…..Wunderschön und eine sehr leichtes und luftiges Spitzen  Dreiecktuch. Mit dem Faden bereits mit Glitter bedeck und versponnen eine einfacher und leichter gestrickter Schal  für viele von uns.

Ich habe 2 Kneueln von  “Great Adirondack H.D. Sequin” so etwa 137,2 Meter  in der Farbe “Poppy” und 1 Knäuel “Great Adirondack Yarn Co Bamboo Silk”  wieder etwa 212.1 Meter davon in “Poppy” . Ja schnell ginge es voran mit 5mm Nadel. 

Zephyre Shawl 2


Author: Jacqueline

My "Passion To Create" in knitting, helping others with their projects is a joy in my life. Not a surprise, what goes with that is my love to take pictures and having fun with just the everyday kind of pictures and see what the results are. In my Blog I would love to show You some of my work and hope You too will enjoy my passion for knitting, Yarn, Photography and so much more. Love your feedback and thanks You all for following my posts. Hugs and Smiles always Jacqueline

5 thoughts on “Zephyr Shawl”

    1. Hi Sandy So nice you like it too. Most of my knitted stuff lately goes to work…I get to wear some of it there but it is not mine….unless I buy the yarn for it and knit it one more time…and believe me that does happen too. Hugs always

  1. Hi Tony This is not “Advertising” as you questioned. This is to show to my Friends, Family and Followers to my Blog what “You” or They could knit if they like too. The pattern and Yarn is available to buy at “The Yarn Store.ca” if You like …Enjoy

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