Forest Walk

Hobbies yes that I have many, one of them is taking Photos.  So I though it would be nice to show you some  of the pictures I have taken on our most resent walk at the beginning of April 2010 this park in close to Woodbridge, Ontario.   Now already a month has passed since I took the pictures and by now this park is all much greener.  I have to go there soon again so I can show you how nice it looks when all is green and new again.

Ich habe viele Hobbies doch eins davon ist auch Photography.  So hier sind ein paar Fotos von unserem letzten Walk im Wald April 2010.  Der Park ist in der Nähe von Woodbridge, Ontario.  Seit ich diese Fotos nahm sind auch schon wieder einige Wochen vergangen.  Heute ist der Park sicher auch schon sehr schön grün und am blühen.  Mall sehen ob wir bald wieder dort hingehen können damit ich es Euch zeigen kann wie das jetzt so aus sieht wenn es grün ist.


Author: Jacqueline

My "Passion To Create" in knitting, helping others with their projects is a joy in my life. Not a surprise, what goes with that is my love to take pictures and having fun with just the everyday kind of pictures and see what the results are. In my Blog I would love to show You some of my work and hope You too will enjoy my passion for knitting, Yarn, Photography and so much more. Love your feedback and thanks You all for following my posts. Hugs and Smiles always Jacqueline

4 thoughts on “Forest Walk”

  1. Wunderschöne Bilder zeigst du uns hier wieder! Oft sind es die kleinen Dinge, die eine besondere Schönhet in sich tragen.
    Liebe Grüße von Margot

    1. Margot
      Das war das erste mal dass ich so Fotos zeigte. Hattest Du lange gebraucht um den Blog zu oeffnen? Ich glaube es braucht jetzt seit dem ich die Slide-schow im blog habe etwas laenger allles aufzumachen. Muss da einmal nachfragen.
      Gruesse von Jacqueline

  2. Jacqueline: I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog and have entered it on my blogroll as a new blog for my visitors. My blog is centered on nature here in the Southwest. I stayed in Germany many times when my wife taught at U. of Stuttgart. Also, you might look at Taos Sunflower’s blog–she does a lot on yarn. I am also trying the slide show function. I liked your nature pictures. –Jack

    1. Hi Jack,
      nice to have a new visitor on my blog. Also would like to thank you for your nice comments on the slide show. My first try, was hoping to add some nature sounds on it too. But have to upgrade to do this. Perhaps I will try that one day too.
      Thanks again

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