Purrrr….fect Sleep Cat

Purrrr…. fect sleep….what can I say.  Our cat has a great life with us….so sleepy all day and oh look a hand knit felted bag that was just way to big to shop with.  So we decided to have it as a cat sleeping bag.  She even get the beanbag chair that oh we all love so much.  But in the past has been taken over by our purrrr…..ing cat. The pattern for the bag you can get from: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=112&d_id=45&lang=us

Purrr…feckt schlaffen….was denks Du dazu.  Unsere Katze hat ein schoens Leben bei uns……schlaffen den ganzen Tag durch in der Handgestrickten Einkaufstasche.  die aber viel zu gross wurde, so wir dachten das es eine gute Katzentasche sein koennte.  So hier wie immer am schalfen unser Katze in der Tasche…..purrr…feckt.  das Muster fuer die Tasche kann man bei http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=112&d_id=45&lang=us bekommen.


Author: Jacqueline

My "Passion To Create" in knitting, helping others with their projects is a joy in my life. Not a surprise, what goes with that is my love to take pictures and having fun with just the everyday kind of pictures and see what the results are. In my Blog I would love to show You some of my work and hope You too will enjoy my passion for knitting, Yarn, Photography and so much more. Love your feedback and thanks You all for following my posts. Hugs and Smiles always Jacqueline

3 thoughts on “Purrrr….fect Sleep Cat”

  1. Es freut mich das Du mich wieder gefunden hast. Ich habe auch Deinen Blog verlohren–sollte sofort es in die “Favorites” einstellen. Jetzt probiere ich durch e-mail mit deinen Blig in Verbindung zu bleiben. I’m not that impressed by cats, but the knitting is amazing. I wish I had the time to hook up with someone who can use samples. My work for the Theatre fills my “unique” bill, but there isn’t a continuous supply of knitting for them. Till next time.

  2. I have just been going through those patterns. What a lot of nice stuff to work on. Now, I see how you produce so much work. Do you knit through the summer, too?

    1. Hello Sandy
      how are you? Taking lots of pictures I guess. Yes my knitting is always on the go, never empty needles. I get my patterns from lots of great sites or magazines too. I had a visiter about a month ago by the name of “Geraldine” I remebmber You mentioning that you would tell your daughter about my site. Would that have been you daughter? I ask her but never received a reply to it. Do you know this lady?
      Have a nice weekend.

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