Crochet “Terino Vest”

2014-03-04 20.28.02Wow is it really already August?!

One would never think so with all this cold and rainy weather we have had for the past several days.2014-03-03 18.31.28

To bad  I can’t make the  sunshine come forward, however….

I can definitely can bring you colours with my work.

Tirano Vest

Tirano Vest

For the past view months I have been crocheting squares. Yes just some fun crochet stuff.

Totally thrilled how this  vest turned out. I call it the “Tirano Vest.

I can’t wait to see how my new “Flower Power” coat will look once done…but until then I hope we have some more sunshine soon…

2014-03-03 17.10.27Wow es ist schon wieder August?!

Würde es nie denken… ja schon wieder ein regnerischen, kalten Tag und das schon fuer drei Tage.
So hier dann etwas Farbe da ich die Sonne Euch nicht senden kann.

Farben, ja, das kann ich mit meinen Strick bringen, doch dieses mal wird es Häkeln sein.


In den letzten paar Monaten habe ich Quadrate gehäckelt. 2014-08-13 13.06.42

Ich bin begeistert wie diese Tirano
Weste zusammen kam.

2014-08-12 15.39.16


Ohne Muster? Ja das gibt es schon, alles Freestyle.

Bin auch schon gespannt wie meine neuer Flower Power Jacke aussehen wird.Doch da muss ich noch etliche Tage daran stricken…so bis auf bald dann.

Beginning of my new Flower Power coat that I am knitting now

Beginning of my new Flower Power coat that I am knitting now

Hoffe 2014-08-12 15.38.55Sonnenschein kommt auch bald wieder.

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Get to Know Berroco: Berroco Remix


Featured Image -- 10340It would be fun be able to visit a yarn factory or distributer one day.

I remember going to Porcelain and Glass making factories during my apprenticeship way back home sooo many years ago. Amazing what they do there.

Originally posted on berroco design studio:

There are a lot of things that make Berroco Remix a special yarn. Even before I knit my Adeline in it, I was intrigued by its rustic look and the way it felt – soft but full of texture. How does Remix get such a unique look and feel? It’s actually an interesting story…

View original 185 more words

Lucky 13 Bolero

2014-05-11 14.55.09One of our customers was looking for spring batik fabric to make a quilt.

So I showed her the green and blue tones that one can see all over the stores. We both loved the colours and home she went with several meters of Batik.

Smiles all around I thought.2014-05-04 18.46.23

Well my love for yarn did not go away. This green/blue colour combo would be perfect for this

Lucky 13 Bolero by Gina Wilde

Perfect turquoise, olive-green, lime green, light shell blue all from2014-04-25 21.28.29

2014-05-04 18.46.00Dye Hard Fibre Arts  in SW Merino fingering


Just needed this one perfect other yarn called

“Alchemy”   Yarns of Transformation Sanctuary.

Uhhhh yes this is not an inexpensive yarn I know. But oh so perfect for this knit. With 3 skeins = 375.0 yards (342.9m) total 150 grams. In natural & gray-blue; Diamond 09C and a   needle size 3.75mm

Truly love this and wow the colours …perfect.
Pre-felted measurement are: 34 inches long and 27 inches wide at back , 15 inches wide at cuff .

Felted measurements are at 39 inches in length and 28 inches for body width cuff at 13 inches width and 6 inches in length…perfect I would say.

2014-05-10 17.56.43


2014-05-11 13.52.28Ein Kunden von uns war auf der Suche nach  Frühlings Batik Stoff für einen Quilt zu nähen.   Also zeigte ich Ihr die grünen und blauen Farbtönen , die man überall in den Laden sehen kann . Wir beide liebten die Farben und die Kundin ging Heim  mit mehreren Metern Batik . <p>”>zu <p>”>Dye Hard Fibre Arts”  in  SW Merino Finger

Ich brauchte nur noch eine perfekte anderen Garn “Alchemy” in  “Transformation Sanctuary”.

Uhhhh ja das ist kein billige Wolle , ich weiß.  Aber ach so perfekt für dieses Bollero . Mit drei Stränge = 375,0 Yards ( 342.9m ) insgesamt 150 Gramm. <p>”>Pre Filzen Messungen sind : 86cm lang und 68 cm breit an Rücken, 38 cm breit an Manschette.

Gefilzt Messungen sind bei 99 cm in der Länge und 71 cm Breite für Körper ,Manschette bei 33cm Breite und 15 cm in der Länge … perfekt würde ich sagen,2014-05-11 13.53.33



Worsted Twist Seed Stitch Wrap

IMG_1237A lot of knitting over several weeks. But I am finally all done and it is well worth the time. I love how the colours work so nice though out the Seed Stitch Wrap.
This pattern is called:
The yarn I chose to knit this Wrap is the   Dye Hard Fibre Arts SW Merino Worsted
How much? You may ask, well a total of 8 skeins with each of them having 115 grams =

200 yards x 8 skeins = 1600 yards and 68 rows per skein.
2014-03-19 17.03.13
At the end after soaking and yes I put it in the dryer for about 5 minutes…looks amazing and it is a whopping 6 feet long and 23 inches wide… so one can snuggle up really nicely in or wrapping ( Just as the name tells us) around our shoulders on a chilly night or day.
The colours I picked are:
Atomic Pink (1), Birthday Suit (2), Elephant Ears (3), Fuzzy Wuzzy(4)
Taro Bub (5) Grape Expectations (6)   Grape Escape (7) Majestic (8)
2014-02-13 08.36.13Etwas länger brauchtee ich schon und auch über einige Wochen. Aber ich bin endlich fertig mit dem grossen Schal.
 Wunderschön finde ich es wie die Farben zusammen arbeiten, so schön wurde der Seed Stitch-Wrap.
Dieses MusterWorsted Twist Seed Stitch Wrap  von Purl Soho auch an Raverly zu bekommen.
Für das Garn, entschied ich mich für   Dye Hard Fibre Arts” Superwash Merion.
Du fragst jetzt vielleicht, wie viele Kneuel brauchte ich dazu? Insgesamt 8 Kneuel und bis auf den aller letzten Resten habe ich hier verstricket.  115 Gramm =183 Meter und ein Total von 64 Reihen pro Kneuel.  Nach dem Einweichen und sogar auch in den Trockner für etwa 5 Minuten  kann ich nur “Wunderschön” sagen. Der Schal ist sehr gross 180cm Lang und 59 cm Breit. So gross genug zum sich damit ein zuwickeln können.
Hie sind die farben die ich benutzte:
Atomic Pink (1), Birthday Suit (2), Elephant Ears (3), Fuzzy Wuzzy(4)
Taro Bub (5) Grape Expectations (6)   Grape Escape (7) Majestic (8)

Knitting Is Healthy for Your Brain

Finally someone agrees with me, this knitting that I am doing every day is a health benefit….!!! Yesss. I am staying sooo young and it is my passion to continue to knit and crochet till I am no longer able to…
It truly is keeping me grounded and takes away all my stress….smile, I am so lucky to know how to knit and crochet!!!


“Several different studies support that knitting—and crafting in general—serves as a natural anti-depressant, helps ease anxiety and stress, can protect your brain from aging and has the effects as meditation.

As part its “Inside Your Brain” series, CNN recently took a look at how knitting affects your noggin. Findings indicate that knitting can be an effective treatment of PTSD. This has to do with how knitting has similar benefits to meditation, which helps “dampen internal chaos.”

The effects of flow are similar to those of meditation, says occupational therapist Victoria Schindler. Science has shown meditation can, among other things, reduce stress and fight inflammation. Our bodies are in a constant state of stress because our brain can’t tell the difference between an upcoming meeting with the boss and an upcoming bear attack, Schindler says. The repetitive motions of knitting, for example, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets that “fight or flight” response.

But knitting also works as a natural anti-depressant, as crafters release dopamine while they knit, according to a recent study.

In one study of more than 3,500 knitters, published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. More than half reported feeling “very happy.”

And crafting’s reward goes far beyond creation. Seeing the finished product adorning your walls — or receiving praise from a loved one — can offer repeated hits of that feel-good chemical.

Because crafting stimulates the use of many different areas of the brain—working memory and attention span, visuospatial processing, creativity and problem-solving abilities—there is a hypothesis that it can help keep the brain young by preventing cerebral atrophy and significantly delaying dementia. In other words, there apparently really is such a thing as a knit wit.” 


268 270 274 275 277 278 281 291 293 294 304 (2) 312 (2) 326 329What is she doing now you may ask yourself?

Yes Arm knitting the newest thing in kitting…well not sure when it started but new to me.

I am knitting with my arms and do not need a needle…well my arms are the needles….so funny but these cowls or scarf knit up in 15 to 20 minutes if not less.

have a look at the cowls I put together…not bad I think.

I have some really chunky yarn from Berroco called Link just perfect for this. For the beige scarf I used a yarn I had in my stash for some time now form Americo Original called Americo Original Eco Rasta

See my video :

Ihr denkt sicher jetzt was macht sie den nun…???

mit den Armen Stricken das gibt es doch nicht….Doch doch es ist ganz einfach. und sehr schnell hat man auch ein Cowl oder Schal fertig gestrickt.

Schaut was ich in nur 15 minute fertig hatte.

Ich hatte mit der Berrocco Wolle “Link” zwei verschieden Cowls gestrickt. Und mit der “Eco Rasta” von Americo Original einen Schal auch nur etwa 20 minute

Honeycomb Gloves And Cowl Set

IMG_0099 - Copy (3)Honeycomb Glove & Cowl Set

Came together rather quickly…Craft Show was coming up and we had all this sparkly fun yarn just arriving at the store.

Smile…The stores are all full of glitter for this winterseason so why not knit your own….and add some sparkle to this drab winter!!!

“Fingerless Gloves and Cowl”

Perfect…lets get rocking with designing and knitting…of I went.

With needle size 3.5mm and 6mm,  3 balls of Katia New York in purple colour #126 about 360 meters.

I have the pattern available now too.   Or if you like the yarn and pattern all in a kit contact me at The Yarn Store

and I can arrange to have it mailed to you

2013-10-14 11.23.52

2013-10-14 11.24.31 “Honeycomb Handschuhe & Shawl Set” hatte ich  ziemlich schnell zusammen stricken müssen…

Eine Handarbeits Messe stand vor der Tür und wir hatten dieses tolle Garn gerade in Gescheschäft wo ich arbeite bekommen.

Die Einkaufszentre bei uns  sind alle voll mit glitzerden Kleidungsstücke für diese Wintersaison.

 Also warum nicht!  

Los gehts mit stricken auch bei mir ist es glitzerlig in der Wolle…..

“Fingerlose Handschuhe und Shawl”

Mit Nadel Größe 3,5 mm und 6 mm, 3 Kneuel von Katia genannt “New York” in lila Farbe # 126 über 360 Meter und kein Muster…da ich das auch entwerfen durfte….oder sollte.  

 Das Muster ist nun auch bei mir beziehbar oder bei The Yarn Store in einem Kit mit Wolle und Muster. 

Ecuador Cardigan

 DSC04376  Ecuador Cardigan

 Is this amazing pattern by Joji Locatelli.
You can use so many fun yarns for this cardigan. A swinging fun summer evening cardigan or an all around great Fall cardigan. But who is to says you have to add sleeves to it!?2013-07-13 20.50.33
I knit this one with no sleeves for a swinging vest and it looks fabulous too
Though for this carding  I used Malabrigo Yarn Sock   …in colour 863 Zarzamora
 Have a look at all there other great yarns from Malabrigo one of my favours
As soon as I was finished knitting it for one of our customers the yarn sold like hot cakes…Madi my boss likes this and so do I.  With only 4 skeins so about 1760 yards or 1609 meters of it.
Now I could tell you another great yarn for this “Dye Hard Fibre Arts” available at “The Yarn” the sock weight possibly or even the Dk weight if you like to make it more of a warmer winter cardigan.
I have my next one already on the needle for a very dynamic lady…Hugs and Smile she has for so many of our customers.

DSC04378Ecuador Cardigan

Ein tolles Muster von Joji Locatelli.
Du kannst es mit  so viele schönen Wollen und Garnen stricken. Ein schwingender Spaß  für ein schooner Sommerabend oder eine rundherum tolle Herbst Strickjacke.
Aber wer sagt das Du dazu lange Ärmeln stricke must!?2013-07-19 14.15.50
Ich strickte dieses MMuster mit ohne Ärmel für einen swingende Weste und es sieht auch fantastisch aus.
Doch für dise Jacke brauchte ich 4 Kneuel “Malabrigo Yarn Sock” in der Farbe 863 Zarzamora
DSC04377Sobald ich fertig war mit dieser Jacke die für eine Kundin war…war auch die Wolle schnell am verkaufen.   Madi meine Chefin  gefällt das natürlich gut wie mir auch.Jetzt könnte ich Dir noch einige Wollen aufzählen für diese Jacke wie “Dye Harte Fibre Arts” die nur wir im verkauf haben  “The Yarn” Ich habe meine nächste bereits auf der Nadel für eine sehr dynamische Dame … Umarmungen und Lächeln hat sie für so viele unserer Kunden.

Ribbon Cardigan

2013-06-23 13.53.20Another fantastic pattern from one of my favorite

“FAM Collection” Books.

I truly could knit every pattern from the FAM Books….

every pattern is unique in its style and the yarns are so gorgeous to knit.

Here I knit the cardigan with the exact same yarn and colour as in the book….how lucky am I!

With the Lang Yarns Sol Dégradé 

I used 5 skeins = 1090.0 yards (996.7 m) and had 2.5 skeins left of my stash so bought 1 more so I would have enough to make a shawl or something else with what I have left.

Needle size 7mm made this a very fast and easy knit.

2013-06-22 17.35.33

2013-06-24 15.45.21Ein weiteres fantastisches Muster aus einem meiner


FAM Collection” Bücher.

Ich könnte wirklich jedes Muster stricken von diesen FAM Büchern ….

Jedes Muster ist einzigartig in seiner Art, und jede Wolle is wunderbar und herrlich zum Stricken.

Hier habe ich die Weste mit der exakt gleichen Garn und Farbe wie in dem Buch gestrickt …. wie toll ist das!

 Mit dem Lang Yarns Sol Dégradé und nur 5 Stränge = 996,7 m hatte ich genau 2,5 Stränge von meinem Vorrat übrig. So schnell  kaufte ich noch einen Kneuel dazu, so dass ich genug hätte, um einen Schal oder etwas anderes zu stricken.

Nadelstärke 7mm machte diese eine sehr schnelles und einfach stricken.

Summer Fun Cardi

DSC04369What a perfect drape this yarn gives me for this cardigan…just love it.

For this great Summer Cardigan I used Berroco Lago

and only 9 skeins = 927 yards  with Needle size US 6 – 4.0 mm.

A simple and easy pattern start from one sleeve and knit continue though the back, now work the second sleeve. Cast off.

Now pick up any amount of stitches all around the body….smile yes one should sew up the sleeves first.

Now work any kind of lace pattern back and forth do not join the middle and keep on knitting till you have the length you like…voila all done…I told you really simple…anyone can do this just get creative. You could also add a crochet border to this.


Cardi Für Den Sommer

DSC04368Perfeckte wie dieses Garn Fällt! Wunderschön leicht …geält mir recht gut und  das Muster ist auch sehr einfach zum Stricken. Muster habe ich im Sabrina N4 April 2012 Heft gefunden.  Zu diesem tollen Sommer Cardigan brauchte ich Berroco Lago

und nur 9 Knäuel (847.6m) mit Nadel Größe US 6 – 4,0 mm.DSC04372

Eine einfaches und leichts Muster. Starte bei dem einen Ärmel ,dann der Rücken , nun wieder der Ärmel.

Fasse etlich  Menge von Maschen auf rund um den ganzen Körper …. Lächeln…. ja zuerst sollte man die Ärmelnate zusammen nähen!

Jetzt kannst Du jede Art von Lochmuster stricken und immer nur hin und her sticken nicht in der Runde stricken… voila alles getan … Ich habe dir gesagt, wirklich einfach … jeder kann hier seine eigenen  kreativ Idean haben. Hier könntes Du auch eine Häckel Bordüre anhäckeln.

Teen Knitting Is A Huge Trend Today

I-Pod Cozie Owl I found on the internet

I am so happy to ready this article that my hubby sent me a view days ago. He is always on the look out for me to get new ideas in Knitting, Quilting, Home Decorations, Family, What is the newest Fashion…you name it he will find it for me.

So please have a look at this link I posted here It talks all about YESSS

“Teen knitting is a huge trend today”

And not just with girls…Yes the Boys are realizing they meet the girls if they learn to knit or crochet …how about that for a change….

(As per this Article and I just picked a view lines that popped for me in this article:)

“Books about teen knitting are flying off the shelves faster than ever before, and high school knitting clubs are popping up everywhere. Unlike many other crafts, knitting is very accessible and satisfying for beginners, which is one reason why teen knitting is suddenly so hip. Teen knitting is most popular with girls, but more and more guys are picking up the hobby too. From stylish and cozy caps to ultra-modern iPod cozies, teen knitting today is about much more than just sweaters.
Teen knitting clubs are a logical offshoot of this new trend. Although knitting is in some ways a solitary activity, being part of a community of knitters is a great way to learn new techniques and get inspiration for new projects.  The social aspect of teen knitting is a big reason why it is so popular. A lot of teen knitting is done by boys who want to make unique laptop covers, clothes that are the height of cool, or special gifts that any relative or girlfriend are sure to appreciate. The fact that teen knitting isn’t just a trend among girls really says something about how much gender roles have changed since grandma started making mittens.”

I Pod Cozie 4This is just to show you a view I-Pod Cozies that I found looking on the internet…really cool ideas. Some are Knit and some are crochet.

I Pod Cozie 2I Pod cozie 3

Yarn Sale At My Work!!! Yehhh

Ok ladies…

How about this another month of 20% off

from all this great yarn.

2013-02-08 16.15.47

Yarn Hollow Worsted and DK weight

Need some ideas what to knit or crochet…ohh I have lots of ideas for You!

2013-02-08 13.41.52

Let’s say I have always something on my needles or hook. Just need to stop in at “The Yarn Store” and ask what I have in my basket….smile if you know me, You know that basket is always traveling with me and I love to help you anytime!

2013-06-12 13.14.39

see You soon….

2013-03-05 19.06.13

Blanket Shawl in Debbi Bliss …how about that the kit is 20% off too

Can You tell I do not want to count all that Yarnnnn…

rather be knitting it!!!

2013-02-23 16.16.17 - Copy

You can visit us at:


almost forgot the fabric side has 50% off see the website!!!

2013-06-01 11.21.19

Shawl in Lang Yarns Mille Colori “Socks & Lace”

2013-06-12 14.31.36Smile yes another “198 Yards Of Heaven”

  what else could it be….The yarn is called Lang Yarns Mille Colori Socks & Lace that we do not have in the store at the moment but will be in for the fall… it very lacy, soft and gorgeous with this light hint of glimmer and sparkle woven into the yarn.

One skein will be enough to make a nice shoulder covering shawl. Again knit up with a size 4mm needle.2013-05-19 10.20.00

Lächeln schon wieder ein  “198 Yards Of Heaven”

Was könnte es sonst sein …. Doch diesmal in einem  Garn das Spitze ausieht in dem Schal.  Lang Yarns Mille Colori Socks & Lace, dass wir nicht im Laden haben im Moment aber wird für den Herbst ankommen in herlichen Farben… 

 Mir gefaellt es recht gut, weich und herrlich mit diesem leichten  Hauch von Schimmer und Glanz in das Garn perfect fuer Schals. Ein Strang wird genug sein, um eine schöne Schulter abdeckt Schal zu stricken oder auch Häckel.  Wieder mit einer Nadel-Größe 4mm gestrickt.2013-06-12 13.15.26

Shawl Knit In “Rhythm”

2013-05-30 21.59.29

Great size for over the shoulders

I am not sure anymore how often I have knit this “198 Yards Of Heaven” up in the past. Though mine always are more than 198Yards. as I like to have them bigger then just the shawlette it would knit if you stay with 198Yards.

2013-05-31 08.14.29

Love the colours and the yarn

Here you see the shawl knit with Jojoland Rhythm yarn I used 2 skein in one colour RS09 and 3 skeins in RS76. worked with tow skeins alternating colour every second row. and for the edge I just used up whatever I had left in yarn.

2013-05-26 22.32.13

198 yards of Heaven in the work

Love the way the colours played out . This one is perfect for the cooler summer nights to though over your shoulders. The needle was a 4mm in size so easy and fast to knit up.

Ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher, wie oft ich diesen “198 Yards Of Heaven” Schal schon gestrickt habe bis.  Doch bei mir ist es immer mehr als 198Yards beim vertricken von Wolle. Da ich den Schal gern etwas grosser haben möchte als nur ein kleiner Schal.

2013-05-30 17.14.28

here the shawl is not soaked and blocked

Progress on my Quilt

My Firts Quilt So it is about time I finish my first quilt, right?!

Yes my walking foot for the sewing machine works now after having a user issue at first …that would be me…smile.

Until Ana had a closer look at my machine. She told that the foot does not line up with the bottom feet….ok glad to have Ana to help me with that too.Crochet Sample And Knit Sample

So home I came after my workday. Know the question was, do I knit, crochet or work on my quilt? I did have my crochet project in my hands and after 4 reps of the pattern I told myself stop!!! go work on the quilt. Ok I know I have to do the “Stitch In The Ditch” stuff….yes also my first time …. struggling with all that material between  the needle and the body of the machine and sewing a straight line….and yes all the pins….huuuhaaa…not so easy I say ….done now…

will see what my teacher Ana has to say…smile my guess is I used the wrong colour threat for this job

So ist es Zeit, dass ich meine erste Quilt fertig nähe, nicht wahr?!.

My Firts Quilt, with the back side showingJa, mein Leufer Fuß für die Nähmaschine funktioniert jetzt, nachdem ich Gestern etwas problem hatte damit …ein Benutzer Problem … das wäre mich … smile. So brachte ich die Maschine ins Geschäft um nach zu fragen was ich da falsch mache?


Dann wurde mir erklärt das der Fuss oben und unten nicht überein legen. So die gute  Ana kam zur Hilfe und nun klapt alles Bestens.  Danke Schön.

Zuhause angekommen nach meinem Arbeitstag war die Frage,  stricken, häkeln oder weiter machen mit meinem Quilt?

 Ich hatte meine Häkelprojekt in meinen Händen doch nach 4 Musters Wiederholungen sage ich genug damit! Mach mit der Patchwork Decke weiter .

Ok, ich weiß, “Stich im Graben”  (wie wird dem sagen) mach ich auch das Erste Mal…. etwas gekämpft hatte ich mit all dem Material, das zwischen der Nadel und der Maschine war und dann auch noch geraden Linie zu nähen und all die Sicherheits Nadeln dazu…. huuuhaaa … gar nicht so einfach. Bin gestpannt was meine  Lehrerin  die Ana dazu zusagen hat. lächeln .. meine Vermutung ist, dass ich nicht die richtige Farbe beim Faden benutz habe…